04 August 2012

quick ricotta stuffed squash blossoms

So the month of July kind of got away from me. I cooked and baked and made ice cream, but would forget to take photos. I have also had 4 blogs started but have not been able to finish them. I think between the heat/humidity (I mean who doesn't like sweating while they look at a catalog?), looking for a new job/school, and the general laziness that comes with the rare occasion of rest, working on the blog took a back seat.

In honor of general laziness, I offer you a quick appetizer/light beginning...this could even be a meal in itself if you get real lazy!

On one of our trips to the farmer's market, we discovered a new little stand. Everything this guy had was organic which was wonderful to see. Some of the stalls have quite a bit that is organic but not everything, or only a few things. Seems to depend on how large the farm is, and what they are offering. But back to our little organic guy. Everything he had was organic...it may not have been as big as some of the others but his produce was just as beautiful. He also had squash blossoms, which nobody else did.

As soon as I saw the blossoms, I knew I was going to get them, and as we were having my parents up to dinner that night, I thought this would make a perfect starter. Light, quick, easy, refreshing and oh so tasty! All of the herbs I used came from my garden, and I even contemplated making my own ricotta in a fit of craziness, but then rethought that. With all the amazing Italian deli's and small groceries around here, why would I add additional heat to my kitchen?

I did fairly loose, eyeball measurements, so feel free to add or subtract at your whim!

6 Fresh squash blossoms (make sure they are not wet, as that will tear the blossom)
6 - 8 tbsp ricotta
4 -5 tbsp fresh chopped herbs, your choice (I used mint, Thai basil, lemon thyme, oregano)
1 tbsp fresh chopped chives
Salt & Pepper to taste
Drizzle of olive oil

Lay your blossoms out so they are separated. The less you handle them the better, but you do want to make sure if any are damp that they dry so they don't rip when filling.

In a small bowl, mix ricotta with chopped herbs and chives. Add a light drizzle of olive oil and salt & pepper to taste.

Take either a quart size zip bag or pipping bag with a med. small round tip (mine says #802), fold the sides down, and fill with the ricotta mix. Bring the sides back up and twist to push the ricotta down into the tip. If using the quart baggie, snip the corner off to create a small opening in which to pipe the mix. Be careful when you snip the end. If it is too big it defeats the purpose of making a pipping bag and just oozes everywhere!

Carefully insert the tip of the pipping bag into the blossom while holding onto the stem area. Squeeze the pipping bag gently and fill the blossom.

Chill until ready to eat or grab a cocktail and enjoy immediately!

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